Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow


Some of my friends think I am crazy, some say I am obsessed, and others simply find it amazing.

All of the above is true. While sometimes these comments are not intended as compliments, it is a compliment to me. I am crazy and obsessed. There’s is nothing wrong with either of these things and I embrace each of those comments and compliments.

And yes, it is very amazing. I wake up everyday knowing that I will make fitness a priority in my day. I will run and I will workout. I refuse to let anything stand in the way of my health and happiness.

My life is great and I am so very blessed to be on this amazing journey. This is my journey, my life and my story. We all have a journey, and our own story, live yours and be proud. Embrace those comments that sometimes seem like insults, make everything a positive and don’t let anyone wreck your journey.

To all of the compliments and comments, say thank you! I do.


New Year’s Resolutions

ResolutionsNew Year’s resolutions

– the to-do list (or not to-do list) for our lives. It is the time of year we all make a list of things we want to fail at within the first few weeks of the new year.  At least that is the case for many of us.

Studies show that 80% of resolutions fail by February and many fail the first week. The reasons for failure vary but most often it is because we tend to make resolutions without a plan for success. 

Some of the most common resolutions include exercising more, losing weight, saving more money, learning a new skill, taking up a new hobby, quitting smoking, cutting out alcohol and/or drugs, travel more and to spend more time with family.

While I like the idea behind new year’s resolutions, most people use the new year’s resolutions as a means for procrastinating change throughout the year and to save it for this one grand day. As if this day has some sort of magical power that will guarantee success. 

With 80% of New Year resolutions failing by February, are we taking our resolutions seriously? Are we setting realistic expectations? Or is it all a game? A game we play with ourselves to see just how long we can withstand the torture before we resort back to the status quo, the rut, the comfort zone. It is almost as if we do not take our lives, our goals, and our plans seriously enough to make them a success.

That is not to say that everyone who makes a new year’s resolution is doomed to failure, Studies show that about 8% of resolutions are achieved with great success.
My tips for success:

  1. Start small – taking on a large goal is tempting but it is also a sure fire way to fail. Break larger goals into smaller steps whenever possible.
  2. Set clear goals – be clear and specific about what you want to achieve.
  3. Write it down – written goals have a higher chance for success than those stored in memory.
  4. Plan – start every day off with a plan for getting one step closer to your goal.
  5. Track progress – tracking your success is very important to motivation and results.
  6. Envision success – Envision a day in the future where you have attained success and how you will celebrate.
  7. Find an accountability partner – whether it’s a coworker, friend, spouse, or mentor; it is much easier to follow through on your plan if you have a partner to help motivate you and hold you accountable.
  8. Don’t let a sense of failure stop you – everyday is an opportunity for success. If you have a bad day, don’t give up – Dust yourself off and start again.
  9. Reward yourself – set milestones for rewards. If your goal is to cut out soda, then find a way to reward yourself for meeting that goal at regular intervals.

I personally tend to shy away from new year’s resolutions and opt for regular goals throughout the year to help me grow and evolve. I don’t always succeed but I have learned that I do far better if I follow the steps.  With that being said, I have decided to place myself in the resolution swimming pool to see if I sink or swim. Personally, I think resolutions can be very good for you if you follow the basic rules listed above, and stay focused. So this year I am going to set two resolutions.

My New Year’s Resolutions:

  1. I resolve to take on a new fitness challenge each month – I often start the month great and fail about day 5. My problem is that I put running first and by the time I finish my run I begin to make excuses. This year I am following the steps I listed above and have some solid plans in place to help me stay motivated and focused.  I will post the results at the end of each month to share with you. Which brings me to resolution #2 –
  2. I resolve to write at least one blog post a month – I enjoy writing but again tend to start making excuses right away.  However, I am committed to this resolution and by tying it back to my first resolution, I already have a plan in place. You are my accountability partners.

January challenge

I am starting January with “100AbChallenge” where I will complete 100 reps each day of a different ab exercise. Today is day 2 and my abs are already feeling it but I think I can do it. I have joined a team for motivation, support and accountability. I will reward myself at the end of January with a new fitness item to be determined later. I am excited to see how well it goes and I will provide an update at the end of the challenge.

In Closing – 

I want to say thank you all for the motivation to keep going and the motivation to push myself even hard in 2019.  I can already tell that it is going to be a great year and I look forward to the journey.

Please share what works for you. I am itching to see what resolutions you have made, how you plan to achieve success, and how you will reward yourself along the way.

Cheers to 2019! and all it has to offer us!!



2018 Wrap-up

With only 4 days left in 2018 it seems like a good time to do a bit of reflection. In short, 2018 has had a few ups and downs, but a terrific year overall. Many of you already know that I had to stop running in November 2017 as the plantar fasciitis had just become far too difficult to bear. It had a long 3 years of physical therapy, taping, stretching, rolling, shots and so much more, but with no relief. However, I had just completed a very important personal goal to run every day for a year.

I ended up running 474 days in all before having to call it quits. In those 474 days I ran 2,141 miles with a daily average of 4.5 miles per day and a total elevation gain of 46,565 ft. If I had ran all of those miles non-stop it would have taken me 18 days, 1 hour, 22 minutes and 4 seconds. In all honesty, that could never happen, at least not for me, I would have quit about 6 hours in for sure.

While I was truly elated with my achievements, it was also very hard to realize that I could not keep running in the shape I was in. It had become difficult to even get out of bed in the morning, to have to actually think before standing, and even to crawl at times to get to where I needed to go in the house.

To heal my body I took some time off from running but it was already too late for rest and recovery. The only chance I had to return to running was surgery. I had surgery on March 2, 2018 and as released to return to running in mid-April. Docs orders: take it slow and ease back into it. As you know, those are not words that we runners comprehend very well. So, in true runner fashion, I overdid it and had a little setback. That 4.5 mile run ended up being my only run in April 2018.

Finally returning to running again on May 1, 2018, I took it much slower, did fewer miles and had much better results. I ended up running 57 miles total in May and setting 4 personal records according to Strava. I have no ideas what those records could have been, probably running the slowest I have ever run in my life.

That’s right, I was slow… very slow… much slower than I had ever run before but I was running and I was happy. I was no longer spending 20 minutes taping my feet before going for a run and I was even able to standup without having to think about my feet before doing so.

For the next couple of weeks I just took it slow, ran at the pace my body wanted to run and stopped before my feet had a chance to feel any pain, tiredness or discomfort. I had run a couple of 5k’s and was working on training for a couple of half marathons and the Indy Monumental Marathon.

By July I had the itch to return to daily running but still wasn’t fully committed. I gave it a shot but quit 5 days in. In August I think I made it a full 10 days, impressive right – LOL. Finally in September I was able to commit fully and continue the streak, currently 118 days in as of today.

Overall it was a pretty big year for me and I couldn’t be happier. I was able to return to running stronger than I had been in years; I had a couple of PR’s runs and was able to return to streak running. Below is the list of races I completed in 2018, and I hope to complete even more in 2019.

2018 Race Results
Date Race Time Division Place Overall Place
5/18/2018 Wally Bright 5k bake-off 28:41.9 1 48
6/19/2018 Iroquois Pizza Pig Out 5K 28:29.0 Unknown 52
7/17/2018 Iroquois Ice Cream Social 5K 28:08.9 1 74
7/28/2018 Iroquois Midnight Climb 3.5 miles 31:46.4 1 53
7/28/2018 Kiwanis 4 Miler 34:14.0 2 86
8/4/2018 St. Matthews Street Festival 5k 26:09 2 56
8/21/2018 Iroquois Toys for Tots 5K 28:15.0 Unknown Unknown
9/8/2018 Lake Cumberland Half 2:16:25.6 1 54
9/11/2018 Gaslight Festival 5k 25:48.0 3 114
9/15/2018 Humana Inspire Health 5K 25:59.0 Unknown 91
9/29/2018 KY History Half Marathon 1:56:02 2 67
9/30/2018 Downtown Doubler – 30K 2:56:02.9 6 72
10/6/2018 Bowman Field 4 Miler 35:48.6 2 70
10/12/2018 Bourbon Chase Blah Blah Blah
10/27/2018 Pumpkin Spice 5k 28:47.4 3 49
11/3/2018 Indy Monumental Marathon 4:21:10 112 2618
11/23/2018 Iroquois Thanksgiving Day 5 miler 43:18.9 4 202

I have wrapped-up my races for 2018 and I am very much looking forward to the challenges of 2019. I have some big races coming up in early 2019 and look forward to seeing what this body can do as I attempt new adventures, longer distances, and hopefully even more PR’s. I also plan to continue with streak running for all of 2019!!

I would love to hear what you have on the horizon for the new year. What new adventures await you?

As always, keep running my friends!

Getting Back To It

Getting back to it –

After a long time off, both from running and blogging, I am slowly making my way back. There is nothing I love doing more than running. It is the glue that holds me together and keeps me going.  

After a long time off and my foot surgery in March, I hit a rut and just felt totally unmotivated. My overall well being was off kilter. While the surgery was nothing major, it was enough to take me out of the running circuit for a while and put me in front of the television with bon bons and Dr. Phil. It has been a long road to recovery but I am getting back to normal and it feels great.

Yesterday I ran my first marathon since surgery. Ironically it was also the last race that I ran before calling it quits for surgery and recovery.  As you can see in the finish times, it was like running two totally different races. 

My time for the Indy Monumental for 2017 versus 2018:

  • 2017 finish time 5:11:29
  • 2018 finish time 4:21:10


Shaving off 50 minutes from the race was not expected. Honestly going into the race I felt less prepared this year than in 2017. I had put in far more training miles, felt in a good place with my training and my soul. What I learned is that while I can be physically and mentally prepared, continuing to run with injuries will eventually catch up to you and take you down at a moment when you least expect it.  

Indy Monumental 2017 was very sad and humbling. It was great to have this race as my first marathon post surgery and healing, and to redeem myself on this course. I look forward to 2019!!


Thank you Indy for a great race!!


Run the County – Boyle & Hardin County

RWhat a busy couple of weeks. Amazing how fast summer gets away from us and we are left wondering where the time has gone.  That is always the case for me but I am happy to share that I have completed races in two more counties over the past couple of weeks.

Both races were beautiful, yet different in many ways.

McDowell Wellness Center 10K – Boyle County

This particular race was in beautiful Danville, KY. It has been about 18 years since I last visited Danville, my how things change. Driving through downtown was just more beautiful than I had remembered and ever so peaceful so early in the morning.

I took my youngest two daughters with me on this short excursion. I love crossing the finish line and seeing them cheering me on. Their support and cheers are just the best.

I also won a pretty cool hat for first place finish in age bracket.  

We finished off our trip to Danville with a late breakfast at Grace Cafe before heading home.  A sweet little place that supports local farmers.  The food was delicious and extremely filling.


USA Cares Heroes 10K Run – Radcliffe, KY – Hardin County

This particular race is a very special race. The hills in this race are a bit challenging and at times you feel like your going to die before you get over that hill. It is amazing the conversations you have with yourself when you are trying to push through some of the hardest shit of your life – at least it feels like it at the time.  You pray for anything and everything – please god if you let me get over this hill before another runner passes me I will give up Twinkies for a week, okay two weeks, okay you win ~ I wont eat another Twinkie all year.  Then you realize what you just did – you agreed to give up Twinkies???, what were you thinking?!?!? – you begin to pray for someone to pass you because you know you can’t give up Twinkies. You even slow down (as if a crawl isn’t slow enough) to ensure a runner passes. Then you begin to thank god for letting a runner pass you and ensuring you can eat a Twinkie when you are done!

In all seriousness, this race is tough but beautiful, and well worth the drive from anywhere in Kentucky. It supports a great cause – our heroes and veterans – and the people are just some of the nicest you will ever meet.   I love running but love the people I meet more. Sharing a few brief sentences with a fellow runner is sometimes just the perfect push when your running against ‘the wall.’

I also collected some cool bling – first place age group and third place overall female.

Two more counties marked of my “Run the County” goal. Truly blessed to be a runner.

Owensboro 10 Miler – Thank You Daviess County for a great Run!

Some time ago I created a blog to share my running experiences with others. I have done very poorly at keeping a steady stream of posts and every month I promise to do better – I continue to fail significantly.  I am still hoping it will eventually stick – please be patient.

With that being said, I want to share with you my Owensboro 10 miler experience from this past weekend. A race that I nearly missed turned into a very tearful 2 hour ride that would leave me feeling so many emotions.

The trip started out as normal as any other – up early and flying around the house like a mad woman to gather my belongings, then out the door with toothbrush and shoes in hand. Someday I will get the hang of this running thing and actually put my “flat Tammy” out the night before like normal people – or maybe not, lol.

Anyway, I settle in and get the cruise set for the 2 hours journey from Louisville to Owensboro. I search the radio for some uplifting music to get the blood pumping and to keep me awake at 5 AM but no such luck, so I stumble on some Saturday morning talk radio – not what I had in mind but lets see what this guy has to talk about.

The gentleman speaker began to tell a story about a crash that occurred some 30 years ago. He has captured my attention and I was listening intently to what he had to say. He went on to talk a bit about his life as an instructor at Evansville University and a bit about the history of Air Indiana Flight 216, a tragic crash that occurred on December 13, 1977. I sat there, cruising down the highway, listening to the  narrated story of how the plane crashed within seconds of take-off. Drying my eyes did very little to help, the water works just kept coming as if it just happened that morning. Part of me wanted to change the station but the other part of me wouldn’t dare let that happen.

I continued to listen as he shared the story of how all but 1 member of the 1977 Purple Aces Basketball team were on the plane and all aboard the plane died in the crash. As if this was not tragic enough, just two weeks later the only member of the basketball team who was not on the DC-3 was killed after being hit by a drunk driver. The entire 1977 Purple Aces Basketball team was gone.

I have lost many loved ones in my 45 years of life but today I was crying like all of these players, whom I didn’t even know, were my own family. My mind wandered to visions of young men playing basketball, earning their achievements, and the joyous lives they lived. I couldn’t help but want to hug their parents and pray for their nightmare to end. This went on for much of my ride.

I finally made it to my destination – Owensboro 10 Miler. I arrived a bit early due to the hour time difference that escaped me, but it was a very good thing as I needed some time to pull it together and get ready for the race. I spent a few minutes upon arrival to reflect in silence on my ride and how truly blessed my life is.

Before the race start, I say a little prayer of thanks for my tearful ride, my safe travels, my blessings as a runner. and for the 1977 Purple Aces Basketball team. While their lives were taken far too soon, the tragic story of these young heroes should never be forgotten.

Without dragging this out too far, I had met two other Mom’s from the MRTT running group – a group of wonderful runners that brings my life so much joy. I was still in a blur upon meeting up with my fellow running Moms but was happy to see them. Truth be told, I was still in a blur through quite a bit of the run but it was a blessing to be running.

Owensboro 10 miler5Owensboro 10 miler3

As many of you know, it is a personal goal to run a race in every county in Kentucky – yes you read correctly – all 120 counties.  The Owensboro 10 Miler marked Daviess County from my list.

We all had a great run and finished strong. I finished the race and took first place in my age bracket. A fellow running Mom took second in her age bracket. While the race finish was far more than I could ever hope for, I can’t help but think about the young men who never had the chance to finish their goals. These young men I never knew were far more than basketball players, they were heroes to all who knew them, and to so many that have followed after them. They are heroes to me.

The movie of this tragic event will be released later this year, and you can bet I will be crying through the entire viewing. If you have any interest in seeing the movie, it is called From the Ashes. On a side note, I have no ties to this movie, other than personal interest.

Happy running! Count those blessings!






200 Days Down – 165 to Go!


Yesterday marked my two-hundredth day of running, leaving 165 days to go before I finish my goal to run every day for 1 full year. Killing it!! Well maybe not but I am doing it and each day puts me closer to that finish line. Super stoked to see the days turn into weeks and the weeks turn into months – pretty soon those weeks and months will be a year!

Image result for success is quotes

Winston Churchill once said,  “Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.”  That is truly a powerful statement that can apply to everything goal we make in life.

In the first 200 days of running I have kept to my commitment to run outside everyday which is part of my success story. However, I did fall short once in meeting my daily mileage goal to run at least two miles a day.

While it is true that I have fallen short due to painful knee injury the day following my marathon run in Nashville last November. I did push myself to run 1.1 miles at a slow pace.  No, I didn’t get in my two miles in that day but I do not consider this a complete fail as I did run and that is the main goal.

Image result for success is quotes

With 165 more days to go, I know that I am strong, confident and able to complete this journey in my life. I also know that this is just part of my success and it doesn’t end there – Success is not final, there is always more work to do.  Even if I have setbacks or failure, it is not final or fatal, it is just a stepping stone in the pathway to success and it is up to me to find the strength and courage to push through and carry on.

Cheers to the next 165 days of success and beyond!